About Us

Over the past ten years the anti- bullying campaign run by Dave Gauder (Big Dave) has created an enormous impression for good and positive thinking , among those schools, police forces, local authorities and transport undertakings that have been recipients so far.
All contacts with the campaign have expressed praise for its value as generating a wholly meaningful rapport with pupils in an area of importance to their education that in many cases has proved difficult if not impossible in the past. 

Dave Gauder is himself a remarkable man and a gentle giant in its finest interpretation and is the inspiration behind Big Dave’s CIC. Please see www.dgangelofstrength.co.uk to see examples of controlled strength and a strong inner sense of right over wrong. 

Dave has used his personality, his strength and his very personal presentation skills to illustrate to young people that bullying is wrong and that through positive thinking and action there is no need to suffer its manifestations. 

Dave creates instant respect and succeeds where others have fallen short.
That is not the only message that Dave delivers to young people, he so readily entrances , entertains and convinces with his practical, down to earth anecdotal approach, drawing all the time on his life experiences, who as a youngster was bullied time and time again.
The big Dave campaign also highlights the need to support others , we all need to be caring and cared for, to look after and look for the  needs of others, to reject the totally , the quite unacceptable so called values and pleasures of negative issues and to do our best throughout life to practice what is essentially honourable, right and therefore acceptable .