The Elements Of Life

See how Big Dave Can Help Your School Through The Elements Of Life Education Program Reach Out To Students. This also covers not just Social Impacts but also Environmental Studies on areas such as Global Warming and the Impact on Nature, Mother Earth, The Human Population and delves into areas of Carbon Footprint and Climate Change and what we can all help to do to reduce the impact on Civilisation, from planting trees to reusable plastic.

This will be the beginning of Big Dave’s Journey with the idea of Big Dave exploring issues that impact our children today. Starting with Big Dave in the Sandy World and will be exploring such issues as drought and the impact on the nature and surroundings, as well as Big Dave’s Water World and the damage that plastic has on our sea life and corals. Next we will explore into the Stratosphere where we will explore the danger of Green-House gasses and the disappearing ozone layer, there will be other Worlds like Mountains and Nature World. We have already started on this during the ‘Lockdown’ and are looking actively for support for this venture If this is something you would like to know more about please enter info in the comments and we will send more details.See our new website at see videos at