Keep Fit At Home

You are required to start the Exercise Programme at the level of SAND and complete the first week then after your day of rest you either move on to the next level or stay at the same level.

You progress through the various level completing SAND, GRIT, GRAVEL, CONCRETE, GRANITE, and finally DIAMOND. This should take four weeks to complete each level and you can choose any 3 exercise routines that you feel works best for you. The important thing is to complete the reps at each level on the day. However you can stop at any time and stay at that level you are comfortable with until your’e ready to move on to the next level.

The whole programme can be completed in 6 months but it is important to manage both your physical fitness and not to push to hard at the beginning as this will develop the longer you go on. This is not a speed race this is about developing both the physical and mental capability of what you can achieve when you put your heart body and mind into something and having the stamina to reach your goals even if it takes a little longer you will get there in the end or at the very least reach the level you are comfortable with.

Choose any 3 routines from any of the warmup routines shown in the video clip below and apply to the Big Dave Home Exercise Program. You will surely progress at the right level for you and reduce any injuries as you MUST WARMUP first before any rigourous main exercises.

Once you have completed the 3 warmup routines you are ready to progress onto selecting the main exercises from any of these shown in the video clip below and apply to the Big Dave Home Exercise Program.