The Pollution Impact

The Impact Of Plastic On Our Seas & Oceans

Plastic is used across almost every sector, including to produce packaging, in building and construction, in textiles, consumer products, transportation, electrical and electronics and industrial machinery. 

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Every time a piece of plastic is discarded it is at risk of entering our waterways and ending up in our seas and oceans and damaging our ecological system by damaging the natural habitat of our wildlife as well as causing pain and death and being ingested by many marine animals and the  fish who swim there and when caught by fishermen will often end up on our plates and being ingested by people like you and I. 

Quite simply, humans are addicted to this nearly indestructible material. We are producing over 380 million tons of plastic every year from beer bottles and takeaway cartons to supermarket food packaging and many more as we have become a throw away society with many ending up in landfill and in our waterways. Through rivers, canals and sewers they enter our ecological system and damages our natural wildlife.