The Big Dave Supplement Feature

Big Dave (The Strength of Birmingham)Big Dave and the Phoenix Newspaper Welcomes you to the Phoenix Community Bumper Supplement.

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Ever since becoming the Phoenix Newspaper Community Engagement Champion which I wouldn’t have won without your support and your votes Also now  I am very Humbled and Very Proud to be The Ambassador for The Phoenix Newspaper.I had so many projects planned out that I wanted to Achieve for all you great people For all  your help and support.Then along came Sirus The Virus and blew all my plans right out the water, but throughout the Pandemic and time of change I have been putting together a programme that can really benefit and impact on You the Community, because You Are The strength of Birmingham, because it will be through you and People Power that we will Grow and get Stronger as a City and a Region out of this Pandemic So along with the Phoenix Newspaper we are going to Deliver something that is really substantial and worthwhile that Benefits Everyone.

You will find within this Bumper Supplement content around Jobs, Training opportunities, Education, and so Much More. Which Engages and promotes positive opportunities and outcomes Big Dave and the Phoenix Newspaper Encourages Community Cohesion in all Aspects of this Jigsaw puzzle we call life We will help you to try and put the pieces Together to help you To Build a more Positive future.

As Our Mission Statement Reads Building Safe Positive Relationships Bringing communities and The world Together and To Embed a culture of Respect and compassion far and wide