Face Masks Order Form & Pricing

Big Dave Face Masks are available from £6.99 – £9.99 with £1 going to the Big Dave Early Intervention Program to help protect our children.

Currently there is a choice of Blue or Pink and you can the child name or nick name printed with or without the Big Dave Standard Text. Please email for enquiry as a choice of ‘any design is available on request’ as prices will vary (please note copyright issues are your responsibility if asking for another design). We have other Big Dave designs being worked on currently.

You can email your order to Big Dave CIC at davegauder@btinternet.com

Price Plain As Standard £6.99 Price As Standard £7.99

Price Text / Colour Bespoke £8.99 Price Name Bespoke £9.99

We will donate £1 towards the Big Dave Early Intervention Program for children from every sale made from the face masks.

Please complete the form as described below:

So the form and or the email should read as per below examples:

If you prefer to email the details rather than screenshot the form shown below please write out Order Name, Order Quantity, and Order Address. The show clearly your requirements so in the examples below:

For a pink plain mask with no text and no image
A=2 B=No C=No Priced at £6.99 inc UK postage

PriceFace Mask Order Form:
Name For Order Purposes State Below:
Name For Order…
Quantity Required For The Order State Below
Quantity Required…
Address For Order Purposes State Below
Address For Order…
Mark Requirement In Columns With An XYES12
£6.99A: Colour (1.Blue) (2.Pink) No Image
£8.99A: If Other State Required Colour (show below)
Colour Required…
£9.99A: No Image – Name Only (show below)
Name Required…
£7.99B: Big Dave Image Only
£9.99B: Big Dave Image Only Plus Name (show below)
Name Required…
£8.99C: Big Dave Image Plus Text
£9.99C: Big Dave Image Plus Text Plus Name (show below)
Name Required…
Note: Screen Print & Copy Form and Attach to e-mail
Postal Address: Standard Postage is included FREE for the UK