Big Dave Hercules Award

Big Dave himself has won many awards from the National Oyster Award for showing grit and determination to achieve and not to give up through to his most recent,  the Phoenix News Community Engagement Award 2019. By so doing knows the personal effort that has to go into achieving these.  Dave is launching the Big Dave Hercules Award (BDHA) for all schools in the West Midlands .

The mainstay of the BDHA will be recognition by peers of their work and engagement throughout the Seven Pillars Of Strength Program. This involves moral, spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, functional, aspirational . Each student will be encouraged to become involved in the program and will be supported throughout the journey. The Big Dave Buddies Mentoring Program will be the foundations on which the seven pillars are built upon. 

As part of the Big Dave’s Buddies program there will be an opportunity to gain certification through participating in the Seven Pillars Of Strength as well as the BDHA and engagement will be encouraged throughout the program and designed to support teachers, parents and pupils alike.  This is achieved through Community Awareness aligned with school cirriculum P.H.S.E studies ensuring to help children develop the knowledge, understanding and social skills on various issues they will encounter during their lifetime.