Bully Survey

Welcome to your Bully Survey

Please tick the boxes that apply to your own circumstances

First Name Only
1. Do you: Try to hurt other kids on purpose?
2. Do You: Call other kids names?
3. Do You: Say things to get a reaction-such as being scared or upset-out of another kid?
4. Do You: Gossip about other kids or try to make them look bad?
5. Do You: Tease other kids about how they look or act?
6. Do You: Start rumors about other kids?
7. Do You:  Want other kids to be afraid of you?
8. Do You: Threaten to humiliate other kids on purpose?
9. Do You: Hit, push, or shove other kids?
10. Do You:  Leave kids out of games or groups on purpose?
11. Do You: Encourage other kids to be mean with you?
12. Do You: Hurt or be mean to other kids mostly when adults are not around?
13. Do You: Take or ruin other kids' stuff?
14. Do You:  Enjoy it when you make other kids upset?
15. Do You: Blame other people for your actions?
16. Do You: Think it's cool when you laugh at others?
17. Do You: Enjoy it when other kids are scared of you?
18. Do You: Think that some people deserve to be hurt or teased?
19. Do You: Send mean or threatening messages by text, social media, or other technology?

Thank you for helping us to understand more by completing this short survey, there will be no follow up on your answers but we do hope that you take the time to think about why you do or have done this in the past and think about the effect it has on others and be honest with yourself.