Understanding & Awareness

1) Diversity 3  Equality 4   Respect  Treat everyone as you would would like to be TreatedGive Respect, Get Respect, Earn Respect.5)    connect8)   Humanity

1)  Be very Proud of who you are and where your from.(Diversity)
2)  If you have time to Judge People you have no time to Love them.
3)  Everyone one of us is Born Equal But it is Negative people that Teach us to Hate and Divide Us. (Equality)
4) Treat everyone how you want to be Treated. (Respect)
5)  Since we all have to Live in this World We have to learn how to Share the World . (Connect)
6)  Your Mind is The Highest Level of Strength Your thoughts, Your Courage, Your Kindness, is the Highest Level of Humanity
7) The Way to be Happy is to do good Things.
8)  Humanity Is Everything that is GoodCare, Compassion, Love, Kindness, Tolerance, Understanding. (Humanity)

Diversity, Equality, Humanity, Respect, Connect, Protect.